One of the most thrilling days of my life was my wedding day; and like any other bride, I knew marriage would bring changes in my life.Being a planner person, I couldn’t conceive the idea of starting a new “life” without information. So, before my “big day” I started reading about marriage, being a good wife, etc.

Reading has become an habit and I keep doing it constantly. I found wonderful treasures! And the idea of keeping them for myself was not in my mind.

I’m a old fashion person (it does not mean that I’m old!) and it seems to me that the current magazines, books and online information it’s continually sloping down. The information that we’re receiving from media it’s changing our behavior, our attitudes and our way of thinking. 

It looks like everything it’s about self-esteem, connections, how you look and how many partners you have. The current generations are making huge changes in our society, and the values of having good manners as a woman are disappearing. 

Thus arose “I love my husband”, and has given life to a project where I can share ideas not only about the way to love a man, but also how to grow as a woman, as a wife and as a God’s creation. I yearn that you find some of the information useful in your process to become a wife of noble character and living a virtuous life. 

In this blog, I promote the art of Fascinating womanhood. I’m not a marriage counselor and I really do not have all the answers of being “the ideal wife”. But I know there is a community of women waiting to bring the feminine and good manners back in their life. I’m hoping to learn from all of you as well.