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Intimacy lost?

“…and the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed…” (Genesis 2:25)   The man and woman leave their respective families, they commit themselves to each other (permanence), become one in terms of purpose and direction and mutual support (unity), and they enjoy an exclusive, privileged knowledge of each other (intimacy). Each […]

Learning how to give Acceptance

Here there are the 4 rules of acceptance. Follow them, and it will help you to accept your man the way he is. 1. Avoid having a bad attitude. Be humble, and accept that no one is perfect. Therefore, you should not expect your husband being a perfect human. 2. Look to his best side: […]

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I will be back soon

Dear readers, I will be absent for a couple of weeks. My father is in the hospital and I will be flying to visit him and spend some time with him and the rest of the family. Prayers are highly appreciated, -Patty

A man’s pride

What does make a man proud? His masculine qualities that I mentioned previously; he likes to show them off and draw attention through his conversation and actions. Like any male animal, such as the peacock and the rooster or the bull and the lion, he likes to show off in front of the female and […]

Homework: How to admire your husband

  Dear friends, Some of you had been asking me more details or examples about how to admire your husband. Well, here are some examples. Please make sure your do your homework, and let me know how it goes. Here are some examples of simple circumstances and how you should respond to them: 1. When […]