Ideal woman: Spiritual & Human side. Part 2/2

Yesterday, I was talking about the Ideal Woman, -according to Helen Andelin, consists in 2 parts: the Spiritual & the Human side.

First, we women need to understand that the love in a marriage it’s essential for the husband and the wife, it’s important to be admired as well. BUT for a woman, to be loved it’s more important than anything else. For men, to receive admiration it’s an essential need.


What’s do the Spiritual & Human side mean?


Spiritual woman. She’s a counselor and supporter. She offers comfort, understanding, sympathy and camaraderie. She always gives shelter and friendship.

Positive characteristics:

1. Good and pleasant temperament. This attribute is related to have a holy influence. They are women who despite the circumstances, are not bitter or vindictive, are usually very devoted to their father and sacrifice their own desires in favor of him.

2. They understand men. They offer true understanding. They know how to celebrate his triumphs and console him in his difficulties. They provide comfort and peace.

3. They are good housewives.

4. They have inner happiness. They have a noble character, radiate peace and purity of spirit. These indicate the existence of inner happiness.

Improvement characteristics:

1. They are too independent. They find it hard to rely on her husband or even needing him. They are too selfless, they think more in others than in themselves. Since they do not want to depend on someone else, this makes them look completely independent. And they seem not to need the care and protection of men.

2. They lack candor and confidence like a child.

3. They do not have charming manners to touch the heart of a man.


Human woman. This kind of woman fascinates, captivates, and inspires an overwhelming tenderness in the man heart. Inspire the desire to protect and shelter her. She has a happy laugh, and the most pleasant and exciting manners. They have manners similar to a girl, are gently whimsical and have complete confidence in her husband. They have an absolute dependence on others.

Positive characteristics: 

1. They charming manners

 2. They are as innocent as a kid. They are childish, they are entrusted.

 3. They’re cute.

 4. They are jovial.

 5. They are flirty.

6. They are subordinate and dependent. They are totally helpless without the protection and guidance of man. They have no willpower or strength to support her husband.

Improvement characteristics:

1. Not a housewife. They do not know how to manage the expenses or know how to cook.

2. They have no strength of character. They are too absorbed in their own little problems and whims to be a good wife and support her husband.

3. They do not understand men. This is his greatest fault. They do not know how to offer sympathy, understanding, appreciation and camaraderie. The man needs help by sharing their thoughts, not someone who is not part of them.

As mentioned before, there is no reason why a woman cannot have both qualities, as the Angelic and Human qualities are not counterproductive. Both are natural parts of femininity, and essential to feminine charm.

Being charming it’s a wonderful role from a woman. Being a constant joy around her husband, illuminate the cloudy days, and be the spirit of grace and harmony. Is not this perhaps providing a service?

What qualities do you have? You need to develop further? Remember, the combination of both is what makes you, a great combination. I had to work in some areas in my life. I know I’m not perfect, but I had seen improvements. I feel more loved and more feminine than ever! What about you?


PS:  Those characteristics are based only in one book, I’m sure there are millions more.I’m also sure there are many women who are really independent in their works and not necessary independent in their husbands, each case it’s different.  The focus on this article it’s to show you that we have 2 sides that need to be together. Each side will have many insights, but at the end the objective it’s the same: love your husband and be loved by him.

Source: “Fascinating womanhood” by Helen Andelin