A wife’s role: a helper

“If you stop a hundred women on the street and ask: “What is the woman’s role in a marriage?, you would probably get a hundred different answers.

Most women probably would have based their answer on what society thinks, what television portrays, what their church teaches, what their neighbors are experiencing in their marriages, or perhaps what their mothers did as wives. But given the number of marriages that are falling apart in our society, it seems unwise to trust that these sources have provided the correct answers! It seems the further we stray from the truth, the more disastrous the results.

Many people are thinking that the role of a wife as a helper it’s outdated and old-fashioned. Many women are believing that fulfillment comes from living lifestyles that are independent and separate from their husbands’. But the exact opposite is true. When a woman takes an active and supporting position as a wife, she enables her husband to become all God created him to be, and in the process both accomplish their purpose and plan as a couple.




The Hebrew word for helper means “to provide what is needed or lacking”. The idea is for someone to come alongside another and by her assistance and support enable that person to accomplish what could not have been accomplished otherwise. Please notice, it’s not that men are more qualified to lead (or to have a helper….why we do not have a helper anyways??), but simply that men are called to one task and women to another. In a world where everyone wants to be served, being a helper does not sound very appealing. That’s why we should focus in three things:


  1. Develop our personal relationship with God. When we spend time alone with God, our spirit remains calm and our trust in Him deepens. An intimate walk with God develops an inner beauty that makes us more lovely to our husbands as time goes on.

  2. Watch our attitude. Being angry or unforgiving make it impossible to have a gentle and quiet spirit to help your husband when he needs you.

  3. Develop an attitude of gratitude toward your husband. It’s easy to take love and provision for granted, so we need to make it a point to thank our husband for even the smallest things.


Your role as a wife it’s not making the meals, washing the clothes, cleaning the house, etc. Even though those activities are helpful and necessary. Think for a moment, if something suddenly happen to you, would these thing cease to be done? No really, your husband can take the clothes to the cleaner, eat out or hire someone to clean the house.


Although your husband can hire any number of women to accomplish the tasks you do, when it comes to fulfilling your role as a wife, no other women on the face of the earth was designed or called to do that except YOU. 


Your role as your husband’s wife consists of more than just the typical things you do to keep your household running smoothly. It’s about helping him to achieve his dreams, encouraging to be a better person, reminding to stay focus on the things that really matter, etc.


Every man needs a woman who recognized the significant role she plays as his wife. Are you recognizing your role as a wife? 

“A wife’s roe. By Darlene Wilkinson” Edited