How to pray for your husband

Jim and Nell Hamm, married just two weeks shy of fifty years, were enjoying one of their frequent day hikes in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park in northern California. Jim, age seventy, and Nell, age sixty-five, found hiking to be a great way to enjoy each other’s company and exercise at the same time.

But on January 28, 2007, their routine outing turned tragic. A young mountain lion suddenly and viciously attacked Jim, locking his head in its mouth. Nell, keeping her wits about her, grabbed a nearby log and began beating the animal on the head.

When that had not apparent effect on the lion, Nell grabbed Jim’s ballpoint pen from his pocket and began jabbing it in the animal’s eye. She struck the can with such force that the pen actually broke in two, but the enraged animal still wouldn’t release its death grip on Jim. As a last resort, Nell again grabbed the log and attacked the cat.

After several minutes of intense battle, the cat let go of Jim, gave Nell a long stare, and then turned and walked away.

Jim survived the attack, and Nell was hailed as a hero and credited with saving her husband’s life. Jim, recuperating from his hospital bed, spoke of his wife’s courage: “She stood in there the whole time. If she hadn’t, I would be gone…No doubt about it…I’d be gone.”

Nell was quick to dismiss claims of any heroic action on her part: “You hear remarks of hero”, she said. “It wasn’t that. We love each other very much…and we just fought together like we do everything”

This is a wonderful story found in the book “Praying big for your marriage” by Will Davis Jr. He also encourages woman to fight for their husband.
We need to go the battle against the powers in our culture that are well positioned to devastate men’s lives.
Will Davis continues saying: I’m asking you not to be naive about what your husband struggles with every day and to rally to his side. I want you to gain vision of the kind of man your husband can become. I want you to pray for a picture of what God intends for your husband and then pray for that picture to become a reality in his life. I’m asking you to become your man’s number one fan, supporter, believes, and most important, intercessor. You can’t change your husband; prayer can.

If you had not started prayed for your husband, I encourage you to start today. In this chapter of the book, Will Davis mentions many great examples to pray for your husband.

Last year, I made a list taking some paragraphs of the book. It does not matter if your husband is not struggling with some areas on his life, I believe praying for protection is the best way to keep him safe for any distraction. If he is doing great in some areas, I still believe praying will never hurt, instead God will guide him to improve.

This is the list I made:

I prayed for my husband to have:
-Faith like Noah, Abraham, or Moses
-Wisdom like Solomon’s
-To be mighty in the Scriptures
-To have passion like David’s
-Pray that your husband will love and lead you
-Pray that your man will be like Jesus as he functions in his God-given role as a husband
-Pray that he will be a great intercessor
-Ask God to help him learn to pray like Jesus
-Pray that he will feel lead to intercede for your marriage
-Pray that he will be a man of prayer
-Pray he will hate sin
-Pray that he will be a great leader
-Pray that he’ll be wise and discerning
-Ask God to help him make good decisions and be a trustworthy steward of the leadership mantle that God has given him
-Pray also for yourself -that you’ll be patient with him and submissive to him. -Pray for grace to give your husband time to respond to the Holy Spirit’s leadership in his life.
-Pray that he will be a great lover
-Pray that he will be motivated in his dealings with you by his great love for you. Ask God to give him the same unconditional love for you that Jesus has for his church
-Pray that your husbands loves you like Jesus does
-Pray he will be a great provider. Pray that he will take seriously his God-given assignment to provide for his family.
-Pray that he’ll take his cues from Jesus, not culture, for how he should lead and treat you.
-Pray for your time as a husband and wife, that God lets you enjoy each other body the way he created the intimacy.

I constantly keep increasing the list. I also pray for wisdom for me. I want to pray for what God intends my husband to be and not what I intends him to be.

Remember, you can make your own list. The most important is that your list should not be based in “what you want” but in what God wants him to be.

“Praying big for your marriage” 
The power of praying God’s promises for your relationship 
Will Davis Jr.