Looking for Emotional Intimacy

How far into your relational world to do you have to go to find a truly authentic person?

Authentic relationships –relationships in which both parties are equally real are and are extremely close –are hard to find.

But it does not have to be that way. God designed marriage to be the one human relationship that guarantees authenticity and intimacy.

You shouldn’t have to look any farther that your own marriage to find your most intimate and meaningful relationship.

Do you know the story about Adam and Eve? When they came to the world, they were completely naked.  Not only because they did not have clothes, but they had not secrets, no fear of feeling shame or rejections. They were completely exposed to each other (physically, emotionally, and mentally) without any fear of a negative reaction from the other. It was the safest, purest relationship in the world, and it represents exactly what you marriage should be.

If you look around, you’ll notice that there’s not any naked person in sight.

Nakedness isn’t in our nature. Even though we’re born naked, we quickly learn to cover ourselves and to stay that way. Almost as quickly as we learn to cover ourselves physically, we also learn to cover up emotionally.

 Authenticity enables you to be fully known. Sadly many people live through decades of marriage without ever being fully known by their spouse. they fear that if they get too honest about who they really are, their spouse will judge them, think less of them, pull away from hem, or worst of all, reject them.

Frequently this is wrong. The very spouse who you think will reject you may actually love you more and be drawn closer to you through your honesty with him or her.

Authentic living can also produce a little short-term chaos. Relational vulnerability doesn’t always draw immediate applause from others. It may be met with some initial shock, hurt, surprise, or even anger. But in the long term, it frees both you and your spouse to live in the light before God and with each other.

Your home needs to be a loving incubator for relational vulnerability. The marriage has to be the safest place on earth for both of you.

I had found emotional intimacy praying with my husband. Every morning, before going work, we pray together. Before sleep, we also pray together. This had helped us to be more authentic and more open with each other. When he’s worried about something, he tells me and then we pray about it.

Remember, any worried or fear that your spouse has, it’s not too little or less important that deserves your time. If your husband makes any confession, never make fun of him, and never put his confession as an excuse to avoid doing something. If he’s confessing something to you, take it as a wonderful step of intimacy in your marriage.

If we’re not being fully authentic and open with God, there’s no way we can be naked with each other. That’s why true marital intimacy requires that we be right with God. That’s why marital intimacy requires prayer.

Do you have emotional intimacy? Pray every day for your spouse. Pray that he will be real and authentic before God. As a consequence, he’ll be authentic with you

Source: Pray big for your Marriage. Will Davis Jr. “Praying for emotional Intimacy”

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