Summary of the 10 SECRETS (III)




  1. Make the most of your hair, your figure and your health.
  2. Your appearance is important to a man. Most men find longer, femininely styled hair highly appealing.
  3. Maintain your ideal weight by regular exercise and sound nutrition.
  4. A lovely smile is a priceless asset to a woman. Have your teeth looking their nicest.



  1. Femininity delights a man, and depending on him arouses his love.
  2. To be feminine and attractive to men, do and wear the opposite to what they do.
  3. Appear to be helpless in masculine matters.
  4. Child-like charm in a woman of any age is delightful to a man.
  5. Speak cheerfully, with a melodious lilt in your voice





  1. To obtain your wants from your husband, just ask with a smile, as a young girl asks her father.
  2. Just ask submissively, with a smile and a please.
  3. Your husband will love you more if you allow him to spoil you a little.
  4. Show feminine appreciation in an exuberant, childlike way.



  1. Handle anger in a feminine and childlike manner
  2. Men respect a spirited woman. Release your anger as soon a it arises, in a childlike manner.
  3. Show anger against your husband only when you have been clearly mistreated. Express it in a feminine, childlike way that allows him to feel manly and protective.


Source:  “Fascinating womanhood” by Helen Andelin