The type of woman that impresses a man

Had you even thought how to impress your husband? Did you ever wonder why sometimes you make a lot of effort for something and he does not notice? Instead, there are other things that he loves?

“Men are impressed with sympathy, cheerfulness, childlike innocence and charm in a woman. The more tender, feminine, pure, and trusting she appears to be, the more attractive she becomes to them. Vivaciousness also enhances these qualities.

A man can easily be attracted at a sexual level to a promiscuous woman who has none of these qualities. But he could never love her. It is important that we understand this difference.

Sexuality in a woman can stimulate lust, but it does not arouse love in a man. Love is awakened by wholesome, feminine qualities, such as sympathy, purity, cheerfulness, trust, and dependence.

Qualities that stir and soften a man’s heart. We arouse in him a desire to cherish us, to hold us, and adore us. We become fascinating and delightful to him.


And not only to our husbands, but almost all men, including our sons.

Now the face you were born with doesn’t matter all that much. Your husband has already accepted that. Besides, when you make him feel wonderful, you will look beautiful to him, no matter how you look. And you’ll learn how to make him feel wonderful”*

In the next days, I’ll show you 10 wonderful secrets from a book that changed my life and my marriage: “Fascinating womanhood” by Helen Andelin

I hope you are prepared for such wonderful secrets that ANY woman should know.

I’ll show you how to be the kind of woman your husband ADORES, even if you just got married or you have 10 years of marriage.

I believe the first person in our life is God, and then our partner. As a wife I also believe that the woman holds the key to happiness in marriage.