Homework: How to admire your husband


Dear friends,

Some of you had been asking me more details or examples about how to admire your husband. Well, here are some examples. Please make sure your do your homework, and let me know how it goes. Here are some examples of simple circumstances and how you should respond to them:
1. When he is stress about money or worried about bills, you should say: “I appreciate that you always work so hard to provide everything we (I) need, even luxuries”
2. If he is fixing the car: “It must be very difficult and complicated to repair something as intricate as the engine of a car. Wow, you are so masculine!”
3. If he is painting the fence: “you do it so easily! I’m afraid it would cost me a lot more work. ”
4. I’m glad you’re a man of conviction”

5. “I admire the courage you show to solve difficult problems.”
6. When he fantasizes: “I’m glad I married someone like you! I love those dreams and I’m very confident you will make them come true”

7. “To have a man who is my king makes me feel like a queen.”

In addition, you must listen well when he is speaking, and admire demonstrating manhood through his conversation.

Remember: You cannot be the “perfect wife”, if he does not feel like a man with you.