How can I admire my husband? Common masculine skills to admire

In my previous post  I mentioned that ADMIRATION is a real need in men. The follow list, it’s an example of some skills to admire on him:

1. The hours spent working to provide you for everything.

2. His strength and ability to move heavy objects, paint, tightening screws or using the hammer.

3. The way he guides you and guides the children.

4. His beard or mustache. (Women do not have them, are strictly masculine.)

5. His skill to repair an engine.

6. The structure or shape of his body.

7. His sexual vitality.

8. His bearing mannish.

9. His manly clothes.

10. His manly voice.

11. His strong jaw and broad shoulders.

12. His manly hands (their size and strength.)

13. His reliability at work and other responsibilities.


If you have not developed and demonstrated sufficient admiration for your husband, you might  be interested in the following suggestions:

1. Prepare yourself to find it out. There are many things about him that for years you’ve missed. No doubt he has some admirable masculine qualities; may be intellectual gifts, physical strength or other abilities.

2. Be interested in him. If you spend less time thinking about your own issues or problems, and more time thinking about your husband, you would find a lot of qualities that previously went unnoticed for you. Women have a tendency to be selfish because our lives are centered mostly in children and housework (or job). This selfishness and lack of interest normally leads men to seek care in another woman.

3. Pay attention when he talks. This is a wonderful way to know more about him. Few women know the external activities of their husbands, therefore, are not aware of their accomplishments and abilities. Generally the only opportunity they have to know them better is to listen when they talk. When a woman is a good listener, a man takes pleasure in talking about his life outside the home, take every opportunity presented to listen. Often he speaks only for the purpose of winning your admiration; imagine how disappointing it would be for him not to get it because of your lack of interest. That’s why it’s so important that you know how to listen.


In extreme cases, the personality or character of a man deteriorates to the point that it seems that it is not good anymore. What can you do if you find nothing to admire?

1. Have faith, there are good qualities in him, but at this point they might be invisible. You should have faith to believe that those qualities exist in your husband. This positive thinking will give you hope for the future.

Goethe, the German writer, said:

“If you treat a man as he is, will remain that way, but if you treat it as if the man who could and should be, will become the superior man.”

The woman who has an abiding faith in the better side of her husband will inspire him to be a better person. She thus offers hope that maybe he has not given himself all the value that he deserves, and that courage, perseverance and nobility are fundamental traits of his personality.

Many women have changed men who are apparently stupid, weak, lazy, cowardly and unjust, in determined, energetic, just and noble men. Just for believing in them.

Often, a man just needs someone to tell him that his actions do not justice his true character. Once you are convinced that he has a noble heart, and you recognize it, he becomes anxious to show you that he is wrong in his judgment. Knowing that he has those superior capabilities provides the boost he needs to improve himself.

Thus, and only thus, she brings to the surface the best of her husband putting her faith in his best side. This is the only encouragement he needs. A woman should not encourage men pushing, but having faith in him.

2. Return to the past. If you cannot find any quality in your husband this time, reaffirm your past together. Be specific, sometimes mentioning specific times when he did something great that aroused admiration; yes those things are in the past, but still will shake his heart.


How do you show admiration for your husband? 


Source:  “Fascinating womanhood” by Helen Andelin