Learning how to give Acceptance

Here there are the 4 rules of acceptance. Follow them, and it will help you to accept your man the way he is.

1. Avoid having a bad attitude. Be humble, and accept that no one is perfect. Therefore, you should not expect your husband being a perfect human.

2. Look to his best side: It’s easier to give acceptance if you focus on your husband’s strengths, also if you develop more appreciation for his best side, and let him know it.

3. Do not put other men as an example. Let me repeat it: do not put other men as an example. Women often use a brother, father, a famous man of the community, or even a child, as an example of masculinity, believing that by doing so their husbands will try to copy the virtues of them. This shows the efforts of women to change her husband. If she wants her man feel accepted, this behavior should be avoided completely. Such behavior offends man and hurt his pride. As you see it is a serious mistake.

4. Tell him that you accept him, as he is: It is not enough to think about accepting your husband; you have to say it personally.

Our reward

What can we expect in return of those efforts? I can promise that you will receive LOVE. Remember, “What you give, it will be returned many times over.” The central message of this blog is love, and from the beginning I said that women have the power to awaken the feelings of man in their favor. Acceptance is the first step towards this goal, and also the most essential.

When you really accept a man as he is, you awaken his deepest feelings for you.

Similarly, when you accept him, stop worrying about his faults; therefore you’re in a better position to see his virtues. Thus, you can appreciate and love him more, and he, in turn will provide love, affection, and many other benefits that you did not think possible.

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Source: “Fascinating womanhood” by Helen Andelin