SECRET NUMBER SEVEN: Make the most of your hair, your figure and your health.

To men, our bodies and our hair ARE part of our personalities. They can have very powerful influences on their love for us. Do we fully realize how important our hair is to a man? Have you noticed that it’s usually the first thing men notice about us?

Your hair is important to your husband. And our length of hair is important. Most men, not all men, but most, prefer longer hair on a woman. Remember that opposites attract. To be attractive to men, we need to look at what men do, and do the opposite. Most men naturally prefer have their hair short. Therefore they can perceive a woman with very short hair as masculine, especially if her figure is on the fuller side

For a woman to win the genuine love of a man, her physical attractiveness must be combined with goodness and inner serenity, as we learned in Secret Number Five. And equally important, she needs to meet his innermost needs. The needs we learned in Secrets Number One, Two, Three and Four.


Too much sitting is the main cause of our weight gain. Even just moving around doing light housework on our feet uses three times as many calories of sitting down, 180 calories an hour, compared to 60 calories while we’re sitting down, or lying in bed.


Another big benefit from exercise is that we work off our stresses. Things don’t seem to worry us so much, and we sleep better.

Aerobics, running, or for the larger breasted woman, brisk walking, hiking and cycling, are all excellent exercises for staying slim, and working off tensions and worry.

You can also use equipment at home like exer-cycles, steppers, rowing machines and walkers while you read or watch TV. And music always seems to make the time pass more quickly. And there are woman’s gyms, they’re popular nowadays.

If we exercise enough to double our resting pulse rate, for three hours each week, say for example, half an hour a day, six days a week. And we eat within our normal appetite, with hardly any sweet drinks and don’t binge on sweet foods; our body weight should steadily drop until it maintains its ideal weight, and then stay there.

Now if doubling our pulse rate is too vigorous for us, we need only increase our pulse rate by half, but for double the length of time, say six hours a week, or any combination in between.

Your pulse rate is the measure. First know your resting pulse rate. It’s usually about 70 beats a minute for women. Men tend to be lower. Then try different speeds of exercise and check your increase in pulse. You can buy little electronic gadgets to do it for you, or just use your finger on an artery, and time it with a watch.

For example, if you choose brisk walking as your exercise, and your resting pulse is 70, you should walk fast enough to raise it to 105, that’s a 50% increase, and be able to keep it around there for at least half an hour at a time. It takes about twenty minutes for exercise to start being really effective. Short bursts are not as effective for weight control.

Resting Pulse 70             Exercise needed

Increase by 50% to 105 = 6 hours per week.

Increase by 75% to 122 = 4½ hours per week.

Increase by 100% to 140 = 3 hours per week.

Boredom is our biggest enemy to exercise. WE NEED TO GET OUR MIND OFF WHAT WE’RE DOING. A friend, or music, or listening to talk back radio or tapes. Anything to distract our mind from the effort. And we should keep picturing in our mind the firm, shapely body we are regaining. It should be a goal on your goal list.

But don’t overdo it. Overdoing exercise can stress our body and make us unwell. If any day you feel below par, give it a miss, but never, never give it up. Make it a life-long thing. And enjoy it.

Also, we need to be healthy to be fascinating to our husbands. Good health brings out qualities in a woman that are highly attractive to a man.

Creating beautiful things always seems to help a woman’s health. So we might like to include a creative hobby as part of our personal growth. Also, going to bed early and getting up early is important for life-long health. And plenty of fresh air, even during winter. Our body needs fully oxygenated air to stay healthy. Oxygen is very important for health.

Singing and laughing also relax us, or going to church, or listening to our favorite music. We should try and enjoy some nice music every day.

And most important, we should smile. Smiling cheers us up like nothing else does, and makes any woman look more beautiful.


A lovely, innocent smile is a priceless asset to a woman. It should come easily and spontaneously. If you feel self-conscious about your teeth, get them fixed up by a dentist.


Yes it might cost your husband a lot of money, but when he sees you smile confidently, he will know it was worthwhile. We should have our teeth looking their nicest. It makes us more kissable also.

Had you asked your husband to tell you truthfully, what hair length and hairstyles he thinks you look nicest in? 

Had you started an enjoyable exercise program that you enjoy? 

Obtain some good books on nutrition. Study them carefully, and work out a balanced diet for yourself. You’ll look more beautiful! 

Source: “Fascinating womanhood” by Helen Andelin