SECRET NUMBER SIX: Enjoy your God-given role as a mother and homemaker.

To enjoy our role as women we need to accept that motherhood and homemaking is our God-given career. Our families really depend on us to fill this role well. We should take a pride in this career, and do it well, and do it femininely. Most women who don’t enjoy motherhood or homemaking.


Women are either too rushed for time, or are being influenced by media into thinking that managing a home is unfulfilling. Our natural feminine instincts are to enjoy motherhood and homemaking. Nearly all young girls enjoy playing with dolls and doll’s houses. They love pretending to be Mums.

But if we’re crowded for time, by going out to work, or by poor organization, we are robbed of that enjoyment. We should ask ourselves, ‘What am I doing with my time that is more important than my joy in homemaking?’

Then, is our education and experience ever wasted? Not at all, I studied a master and I had much enjoyment and challenge doing it and working in a corporation. I believe a higher education helps to develop our minds, so we can continue to educate ourselves in the future. It’s never wasted.
Let me show you something:
Miss Taylor Caldwell received all kinds of awards, including the Legion of Honor. But later in life, after three failed marriages she wrote these words:
“There is no solid satisfaction in any career for a woman like myself. There is no home, no true freedom, no joy, no expectation for tomorrow, not contentment.
I would rather cook a meal for a man and bring him his slippers, and feel myself in the protection of his arms, than have all the citations and awards I have received worldwide.
My property and my bank accounts, they mean nothing to me, and I am only one among the millions of career women like myself.
There is nothing there of real value; not from a woman’s standpoint, because fulfillment comes from the feminine role.”
-Miss Taylor Caldwell
Some women are outgoing and make friends easily, but most of us do not. When we combine this seclusion from other women, and career women’s attitudes towards mothers who stay home, we can understand why so many women today get depressed for being at home.
Involve ourselves with other women who have similar interests to us. We women all need at least one close friend to confide in. Someone we can talk to heart to heart. Our husband is our friend, but he can’t meet all our special needs.
Most men don’t like to talk much anyway. Research has shown that our female brains are more highly developed in verbal areas. We women can speak about 50,000 words a day before we become tired of talking. But most men can only manage about 25,000.
That’s one of the reasons most men don’t feel like talking much when they come home after work. They’ve used up their quota during the day. Also women and men have different interests.
One important point that woman does not like to be at home it’s because they have difficulty organizing themselves. I know it is hard at time, with all the demands made upon us, especially if you have children. But most men with their orderly minds are very intolerant of disorganized women (or house), even when they do not say it.
However, there is a simple way to become organized. That is to write down the things we need to do, the moment we decide to do them.
There are several ways we can do this: use a desk-top calendar planner diary. You know the ones with a little ring binder that sit on a wooden or plastic base and you turn over a new page each day. Or you can use book type diary. The kind that opens to a full week at a time is good. You can also take it with you when you go out.
Whenever you get ideas, or have things to do, or something to buy at a future time, go and write it down on your calendar, on the exact day you need to do it. Then you don’t have to worry any more about remembering it.
 Some of you could also use computer or cell phone to do the same thing. I prefer pen and paper.
And every morning, just before you get up, read your list of things to do that day. If you have some things to do away from home, write a separate list to take with you in your purse. Also you can keep a little notebook and pen in your purse to take notes if you’re away from home.
Another very important thing is to have a fragrant, clean smelling home, with little feminine touches here and there.

House plants, china and wall pictures are nice. And craft and art objects, especially those we have made ourselves. Your husband may not comment about these things, but these feminine touches will gladden his heart.

And outside our home we can plant flowers and fragrant plants, in pots if we don’t have a garden. A fragrant, clean smelling home is so important. Men identify us with our homes. If our home is smelly and untidy, guess who gets thought of the same way? So let’s keep our kitchens, toilets, laundry and bedding clean and fragrant. Remember that our home is our husband’s castle, and he is Number One. Let’s make sure it’s clean and tidy and comfortable for him.

Are you organizing your day at home? (or at work)

Obtain a desk-top calendar planning diary with a page for each day (or a similar planning aid) and plan out your next two weeks.

You might include: Homemaking duties, Hobbies, Skills development, Spiritual development, Exercise, Children’s development, School activities and holidays, Music, Ideas, Shopping, etc.



Source: “Fascinating womanhood” by Helen Andelin